Raju Pickles – Who are we?

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Are you a non-veg lover that cannot gulp down without a bite of meat? Do you love heat and not afraid to chow down on some spicy food? Or are you a busy workaholic always hungry without the time to cook?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re trying to battle winter’s winds from the inside out or just simply adding more heat to the sweltering days of summer, there can never be a bad time for pickles. For all your pickle, meat and spicy food woes, we provide the perfect solution – homemade non-veg pickles. Do you want to know what gave us the idea to venture into non-veg pickles? Read to find out.

We hail from Bhimavaram, a town popular for only two things – cockfights and meat pickles. Here, aqua-culture, chicken and other meat are the main sources of income to many families. It would not be a stretch to say that all our lives revolve around meat.

The snacks and pickles that export out of Bhimavaram are popular all across the country. Seeking inspiration from her surroundings, this idea to venture into making non-veg pickles struck to an ambitious housewife who wanted to spread the love of Bhimavaram that bit further, to the whole world.

Like every great idea, this idea too emerged in a small room. With genuine dreams and hard-working nature, we do the better out of what we know best. With a pristine recipe handed down from generations, we strive to make each bowl of pickle traditional and authentic. Those familiar to the taste of Bhimavaram find bliss and nostalgia, while the others find butt-kicking deliciousness in our pickles.

In a thriving subversion of foodie tropes, our idea lies in providing traditional pickle recipes that hit you right on point, without beating around the bush. We aim at providing those hinterland flavours to the world that is otherwise not spoken about. We work towards keeping our product as home-made as possible giving you the same consistent flavour in each bite.

Established in 2015, we are a small group of home-makers doing what we know and do best – cooking and taking care of our loved ones. We are your grandmother, mother, aunt and sister. The success and outreach of Raju Pickles is testament to our authenticity and a monumental example of success from doing what we know, as simple as it may be.

We sell non-veg pickles ranging from meats including chicken, mutton and prawns. We have both boneless and bone-in versions. Your requests are cooked fresh as soon as you order. An all-time favourite is our country chicken pickle made from roosters exclusive to Bhimavaram. It is popular for its taste and authenticity. People travelling abroad love taking a few jars of our pickles with them to keep as close as possible to their heritage and family. We deliver all across India and abroad too. With the increasing number of orders every day, we remain to be a well-emerging business in the pickle game.

If your taste buds are prepared, visit rajupickles.com to place an order for your favourite non-veg pickle.

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