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The ever-growing trend of ordering something online and having it delivered right to your doorstep has been ever increasing. You do not want to waste your time in traveling, sorting, and comparing products that you can otherwise, simply order online and receive it at your door-step.

Non-veg pickles are a challenge to make at home. The meat, the spices, the oils, the process, and most importantly, the quintessence to accommodate all of this – time. We simply do not have the time!

It is why we bring to you good news. For all you non-veg lovers, foodies, or just anybody, you can now order non-veg pickles online at the comfort of your home and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

A good jar of non-veg pickle can be the most ideal side-dish to all your Indian main-courses. Just mix some non-veg pickle in your rice, accompany it with dal, eat it with curd rice, dosas, idlis, puris, and what not! Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a random meal, the food combinations with non-veg pickles are infinite. While food is what brings people together, we think that pickle is what brings food together.

There is no more need for you to go elsewhere in populated supermarkets, scorching heat, or heavy traffic. You can satisfy all your pickles, meat and spicy food woes only at Raju Pickles.

We have diverse blends of non-veg pickles ranging all the way from prawn pickles, mutton pickles, country chicken, and your regular chicken pickle. We also sell bone-in and boneless varieties of all these pickles. Made true to taste, from a recipe that is handed down from generations, all these pickles add the much-needed oomph to your dishes.

As a promise, only the highest-quality, locally sourced ingredients, spices, and oils are used in your pickles. Made by highly experienced home-cooks, our pickles are made in extremely hygienic conditions and packed well to keep your pickles fresh for a very long time. No additives, preservatives, or other toxins are added. Natural preservatives in pure sea salt, oil, and other natural ingredients help keep our pickles fresh as berries. A good heaped teaspoon of our non-veg pickles every day can also help provide good energy to your body. Also, the fermentation makes our pickles a great friend to your gut bacteria.

With increasing orders every single day, Raju Pickles has already embarked towards becoming the biggest non-veg pickle manufacturers in the country. Proudly, we bring to you all these non-veg pickles exclusively from Bhimavaram.

To help you order stress-free, we provide a 100% guarantee on authenticity in taste and ingredients. We ship all over India and even abroad, to your desired location. Place an order today to purchase exclusively made non-veg pickles for yourself or you are loved. There is nothing better than sending a warm jar of your favorite non-veg pickle to your loved ones. Spread spice, heat, and love today. Try it with Raju Pickles.

Visit today to place an order for your favorite non-veg pickles. We are Raju Pickles – exclusively from Bhimavaram.

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