About Us

Established in 2015, we are a small group of home-makers doing what we know and do best – cooking and taking care of our loved ones. We are your grandmother, mother, aunt and sister. The success and outreach of Raju Pickles is testament to our authenticity and a monumental example of success from doing what we know, as simple as it may be.

We sell non-veg pickles ranging from meats including chicken, mutton and prawns. We have both boneless and bone-in versions. Your requests are cooked fresh as soon as you order. An all-time favourite is our country chicken pickle made from roosters exclusive to Bhimavaram. It is popular for its taste and authenticity. People travelling abroad love taking a few jars of our pickles with them to keep as close as possible to their heritage and family. We deliver all across India and abroad too. With the increasing number of orders every day, we remain to be a well-emerging business in the pickle game.